#Yubo raises the stakes for established social media

With the announcement that French start-up and friend-making app Yubo raised €11.2 million in fresh funds from major French private equity firms, it has become abundantly clear that the digital market is undergoing a fundamental change – one that will see a change of guard among the leading social media apps and a redefinition of what constitutes […]

Will the #US – #China trade war keep the #Euro afloat?

We’ve written before about politics and their influence on forex trading. The actions of influential politicians in the US, Europe, and other areas with large and significant economies can and do impact exchange rates on a day-to-day basis. And naturally, larger actions and conflicts can have a greater effect. For example, back in February EU […]

‘The risk of #Brexit happening without a ratified deal still exists’ Phil Hogan 

European Commissioner for Trade, Phil Hogan Speaking at his first event in Ireland as the European Commissioner for Trade (6 December), Phil Hogan addressed what he described as the ‘seemingly endless’ question of Brexit, as well as other pressing trade issues.   Hogan is hoping that next week’s UK general election will provide clarity and […]

What’s behind the decline in #Bees and other #Pollinators

Bees in Europe In Europe, pollinators are mainly bees and hoverflies, but also butterflies, moths, some beetles and wasps. The domesticated western honeybee is the best-known species and is managed by beekeepers for honey production and other products. Europe also counts about 2,000 wild species. The threat of pollinator extinction The topic has attracted public […]

#ECB – NGOs ask Lagarde to take urgent action on climate change

On 2 December, Positive Money Europe and other NGOs met with Christine Lagarde (pictured) in Brussels in order to formally hand over an open letter urging the ECB to act against climate change. The meeting, which took place shortly before Lagarde’s first official parliamentary hearing in the European Parliament today, was attended by a delegation […]

Political will was not enough for justice reform in #Moldova

The lack of political will to carry out rule of law reforms is frequently the reason why reforms are not fully implemented. The case of Moldova proves that in societies where strong vested interests still persist, political savviness is equally as important as political will. Old and new political power brokers in Moldova struck a fragile […]